Reasons Why Invisalign is Best for You

Your smile is one of the very first things that people notice about you. It also happens to be one of those critical signs that tell others whether you’re sociable or not, friendly or not. Unfortunately, having misaligned teeth can make some people not want to smile, robbing them of the all-important tool for social interaction. If you happen to be one of these people, there’s no need to continue sulking in a corner as Invisalign clear teeth aligners are now available to help you regain confidence in your smile. Here are the reasons why Invisalign is best for you.

Manages a variety of orthodontic issues

According to James Willis from Burke Dental, Invisalign can help manage a variety of orthodontic problems such as crowding, under bite, cross bite, spacing, and cross bite. It works by gently pushing your teeth back into their normal anatomical position so you get the perfect alignment of your dentition.

Works like natural dentition

One of the more obvious reasons why more people choose Invisalign over traditional dental braces is that they don’t leave any telltale sign that an orthodontic device is in place. It’s like wearing a clear protective covering over your teeth. Unlike traditional braces that come with metallic elements including brackets, archwires, O-rings, hooks, and many more, a clear teeth aligner is essentially a transparent, invisible casing. This is something very important for many people as they get to correct their teeth alignment and no one else will ever know.

It’s more comfortable to wear

Getting a traditional dental brace can be quite uncomfortable. This is because the wiring itself can rub against the inner surface of the lips, leading to irritation and possibly inflammation. Because an Invisalign is designed specifically for an individual’s dentition for perfect fit, it’s more comfortable. With each progress in your teeth alignment, you will be given a properly fitting tray to ensure optimum comfort.

It’s a lot easier to clean and maintain

Taking good care of your clear teeth aligners is also a lot easier since you can conveniently remove it so that food particles won’t get trapped in the tray. In situations where food and other particles get trapped, removing them and cleaning your tray altogether is also very easy. Maintaining its integrity is also a lot easier compared to traditional dental braces. Besides, since dental braces are fixed onto your teeth, there simply is no way to remove them for cleaning purposes unless with the help of a dentist.

Doesn’t interfere with your food choices 

This might not be readily apparent but wearing Invisalign won’t interfere with your food choices as you can easily remove the tray so you can still bite onto meats and other food stuffs especially those that are quite sticky and gooey.  Dental braces make it quite difficult to enjoy these foods as the bits and pieces can get stuck in between your teeth and the appliance.

Invisalign is best for you since it provides optimum comfort and ease of maintenance while fixing your misaligned teeth and allowing you to eat what you like. It’s also valuable for its aesthetic appearance. So, get yours today.