Calgary though phenomenal for many things is ultimately popular for its festivals and shows. Commerce festivals, art festivals, religious, folk, regional… leave it to Calgary to find any excuse to fill the streets with people in costumes, busy enjoying the outdoor life!

These festivities make the city iconic but even more, breathe life into the city by celebrating everything enthusiastically and bringing folks together. Each celebration, whether for food, music or otherwise, is accompanied by costumes, special grounds, decorations, and many other aspects, all different from one another to create an ambiance specific to the particular thing being commemorated.

First is the well-known Calgary Stampede. With over 100 years in existence, starting from the first Friday of July after Canada day, the world’s greatest outdoor show begins. It is characterized by all kinds of games and fun activities like thrilling chuckwagon races, live music shows, midway rides, and enthusiastic sports. The learning experience is, however, not excluded; the event has many stands and agricultural showcases. It is indeed the richest rodeo in the world and rightfully deserves its title!

The Calgary Folk Music Festival is yet another amazing festival where over 70 international artists line up in Prince Island Park with an impressive 9 stages to give the full music experience. It is held annually on the Last weekend of July, and masses carry their own blankets, picnic baskets, and low rise outdoor chairs to camp right near the stage to enjoy endless tunes.

The Sled Island Music & Arts Festival is also a music festival that brings more than just music to the table. Here, held around mid-June and lasts for 5 whole days, the town will be full of artists, actors, comedians, bands, and so on, in over 30 venues in the city. Every nook and corner of Calgary is usually a haven of talent, all thanks to annual events Calgary Alberta.

Ah yes, Calgary International Beerfest. Every beer lover knows this one. This event brings together more than 700 beers brewed from over 200 breweries. Furthermore, to make the beer worth the whiles are exquisite dishes and entertainment options, accompanied by all there is to know about beer which includes brewmaster seminars, beer taskings, awards, and so on. This one is held on the first weekend of May.

The list of celebrations goes on and on with these being the crème de la creme, subject to personal opinion. Whatever the festival though, all men, and women, can agree that annual events Calgary Alberta are to die for, literally. After going for one, all everyone wants is to attend all of them year after year!