How to Brush and Floss with Braces

Now that you have had your braces placed, it is important that you keep them clean. In order to keep them clean, your orthodontist will teach you the special steps you need to take in order to make sure food particles do not become trapped.

Regular Brushing and Flossing

You need to brush and floss your teeth like you regularly did before brace treatment. You clean the braces after each meal and snack in addition to brushing in the morning and before you sleep. When you brush, you should brush the upper part of the bracket and then move to the lower portion. Brush each bracket carefully so that you do not miss any food or substance.

Many orthodontists recommend that you use an interdental toothbrush. The most common brand is Proxabrush. This special brush goes in between the teeth and wires so that it reaches all areas of the bracket and tooth.

Also, make sure to know which candy you can and cannot eat. Check out an in-depth guide here.

You need to also floss twice a day. When you floss, you take the end of the floss and guide it between the wire and the bracket. Once inside, you floss as you would normally do so. Floss between the gumline and the teeth. Repeat for each tooth. Some office will provide a special kind of floss that will make the process of guiding it between the wires easier.

Mouthwash is recommended as an addition to your care regimen. It is recommended that you invest in antimicrobial mouthwash because it can remove the bacteria that may grow in your mouth.

Consult your care provider

After you have your braces placed, you should ask any questions about cleaning your teeth. They may show you on a model mouth how to properly clean and pick out food. It is important that you watch carefully so that you can learn the right way.